Mathilde Fiant
design graphique



Identité de l'exposition SYMBIOSIS au musée Cognacq-Jay pour Collective 1992


Création d'identité graphique pour l'agence d'architecture SRA.

Endless Night

Creation of a poster for the short movie Endless Night. A Film by Alexandra de Saint Blanquat.

Face B

Face B is my graduation project. It's a research project about relation between music and graphic design. I imagined a programme with Processing who translate a track in a poster. This project is a new way to listen music, with a synesthesic experience. The poster refer to music's fans objects and allow to keep a trace of a listen moment.


This poster's triptych allows the communication of three exhibitions who are linked together but in different places.
Made with Audrey Barbereau.
The font is made by Adrian Veyrac.

Design Fiction

Research around Design Fiction,
and music.

Bernard Chauveau's website

Graphic conception of the editor Bernard Chauveau's website.

Tribute to Paris,Texas

This project is an investigation around the Wim Wenders movie: Paris,Texas. Like a scientific experience, I have analyzed different sides of the movie and made graphic representations. Sensitive visualizations of some aspects and feelings.


Identity conception and visual creations for Hazil, a blog dedicated to electronic music.

Zero +

Zero + is a participative platform dedicated to design graphic. This project was made with all the design graphic mater class of Esad de Reims.

Eric Gill's An essay on typography

Research and experimentations around the Eric Gill's book

Introduction à une véritable histoire du cinéma

Project Workshop at Festival international de l’affiche et du graphisme de Chaumont on Jean-Luc Godard & publication design.

Banquet Scientifique

This signage project is made for the Banquet Scientifique, an event managed by Marc Bretillot. The theme of this year was War and Food. I Imagined a signage project who recalls war's strategy plans. It allows to conduct public as well as speakers or cookers.

Culinary Design Booklet

Booklet for the Culinary Design Master at Esad de Reims.